Exposure to radiation is often a necessary part of visiting the dentist or your medical physician. However, when radiation exposure is uncontrolled and not closely monitored, it can have a very harmful effect on your body. Many radiotherapy and X-ray examinations put strain on unprotected areas of your body, including your mouth. Our skilled dentists provide additional protection with an oral radiation protection device to help keep you healthy and safe.

Laurel Family Dental offers custom-made oral radiation protection devices to protect our patients who are undergoing radiation-heavy treatments, such as chemotherapy. Many harmful oral conditions can develop due to radiation exposure, even when this exposure is not focused on the head or oral cavity. Our radiation protection appliance isolates the mouth from the potential damage caused by surplus rays of their treatment, forming a barrier between the mouth and harmful radiation particles.

Protecting soft oral tissues, teeth and supporting bone is incredibly important, as they influence the wellbeing of your entire body. We encourage you to ask our dentists about radiation protection devices in Laurel, Montana, and take the steps you need to safeguard your oral health. For more information and to schedule a consultation with Dr. Sam Pollock or Dr. Jordan Dobmeier, please contact our office at 406-628-6716.