Dr. Sam Pollock and Dr. Jordan Dobmeier can provide you with a root canal treatment to remove decay and infection from the inner nerve of your tooth. Our dentists provide root canal therapy as an alternative to extraction so that you can once again enjoy a fully functional tooth and smile.

You may need a root canal if:

  • Decay has reached the pulp of your tooth (the living tissue inside the tooth)
  • Your tooth has experienced trauma or injury
  • There is an infection or abscess within the tooth or at the root tip

Root canals are often the only alternative to extracting the tooth. In many cases, root canal therapy is also the preferred treatment, as it restores the functionality and vitality of the tooth and will not cause future problems with adjacent teeth or require you to replace your tooth.

When you receive a root canal, our dentists will remove pulp, nerve tissue, bacteria and any tooth decay present inside the tooth using specialized instruments. Once these tissues have been removed and the tooth has been cleaned, we will fill it with medicated material and seal it against future decay. A temporary filling or crown will be applied to protect the tooth while your final restoration is made. After your final crown has been completed, we will place it over the tooth to complete your treatment and restore the strength, appearance and functionality of the tooth.

Depending on the severity of the damage, you may require several visits to our office to complete your root canal treatment.

We strongly recommend that you practice good oral hygiene and visit Laurel Family Dental regularly to prevent future infection and decay, improve the overall health of your mouth, and increase the longevity of your root canal treatment.

If you have any questions about root canal therapy in Laurel, Montana, and to set up an appointment with our experienced dentists, please call Laurel Family Dental today at 406-628-6716.