At Laurel Family Dental, we offer tooth-colored dental fillings to repair teeth damaged by cracks, fractures, chipping and decay. Our dentists generally recommend dental fillings to repair minor to moderate tooth damage and restore the shape and appearance of your teeth. Fillings work by literally “filling in” the holes in your teeth to restore and strengthen your original tooth structure.

Traditional dental fillings are made of silver-colored amalgam. However, our office chooses to use tooth-colored (composite) fillings because they blend in with the natural color of your teeth and work to preserve more of your original tooth structure, giving you a healthier and more beautiful solution for your smile.

Dental filling treatments can usually be completed in a single appointment. Our dentists will first prepare your tooth by thoroughly cleaning it to remove all traces of decay and other damage. If the decay reached close to the nerves of your teeth, we may apply a special medication. Our dentists will then place the composite filling into the treatment site and shape it to the contours of your tooth. The filling will then be hardened and polished to complete your treatment.

For more information about tooth-colored dental fillings in Laurel, Montana, and to schedule an appointment with Dr. Sam Pollock or Dr. Jordan Dobmeier, call us today at 406-628-6716.